So what is an electric mountain bike? Essentially it’s a mountain bike with a small electric motor that can be used for pedal assist or in some models via throttle.

As you can see by looking at the pictures of this electric mountain bike, it’s relatively similar to normal mountain bike. It has rear suspension system, but the aluminium frame is slightly modified to the standard bike frame especially in the down tube, this is to accommodate the battery and motor of this particular electric bike model.

Taking a closer look at the battery and you will notice It’s called the power pack 400. What this means is you’re going to get upto an extra 400 watts of power. Just imagine you’re climbing a trail and you have the power of a professional cyclist attached to the bottom of your bike assisting you to the top of the hill, that’d be nice towards the end of a day riding wouldn’t it.

Moving on from that battery pack let’s take a look at the motor and see how that works. The motor takes all the power and the energy from the battery pack. As you start to pedal the power from the motor is going to pedal assist you. Pedal assist means you don’t have a throttle, but the power from the motor is engaged when you push down on the pedal. This makes biking to the top of a hill a lot easier and quicker, faster and more effectively.

This electric mountain bike, like most electric bikes, has a computer on the handle bars that shows you all sorts of data, such as speed and battery status. This display will show you the exact speed you’re riding at that moment as well as how much battery is left. You’ve got a range of different options, including a clock speed the total distance that you’ve travelled. On the computer screen there’s even a display that shows you different modes. So you have the most economic mode with the longest battery life, then next is tour mode which will give you a little bit more pedal assist power. Likewise, you can then go into sport, and then turbo. Turbo being the most fun, and the fastest way to get up the hill. Understandably in this mode you will drain the battery quite quickly.

With the engine turned off completely it’s just like peddling a really heavy bike up the hill or like towing you child on a bike buggy (if you’ve ever had the pleasure of doing that). As soon as you go turn pedal assist back on you instantly feel the power of the motor kicking back in. With the better mode you notice the additional energy being applied by the motor; it gets easier and easier with the more advanced mode you use. Putting the bike into turbo you can easily manage 20kph straight up the hill.