There are many different types of electric bikes available on the market these days, with everything from folding commuter electric bike to a power assisted road bikes. When researching what electric bike to purchase you need to think about what the main use will be as this will help narrow down the search.

Electric bikes have moved on leaps and bounds over the years. The development of electric bikes is mainly down to the enhancements in both motor and battery technologies.

The typical commuter is most likely suited towards either a folding electric bike or cruiser electric bike. The main deciding factor between the two is the storage and transportation of the bike.

Dedicated activities such as road and mountain biking have their own specific versions of electric bikes. These typically take the form of the traditional ride specific bike styles with the addition of small pedal assist motors. The benefit of the pedal assist motors is the ability to travel longer distances and tackle mountainous parts of a ride with more ease.