If someone came up to me 10 years ago and ask if I thought electric bikes were a good idea or if they even existed I would probably be speculative about the idea, and even more so about electric bike kits that convert your normal bike to electric. But electric bikes are far more common nowadays. Anyone who is interested in the idea of riding bikes will definitely have either seen an electric bike or wanted to own one just to see what they feel like. In this article, we will look into how you can convert your normal bike to an electric bike using an aftermarket electric bike kit.


The problem with this beautiful piece of modern technology is the price. A good high-end bike can cost around £3000-£5000 easily. Those of us who try and get cheaper version always get bikes that even though are well designed just do not hit the spot as nicely as a high end one would. So to save time and money why not just make your own e-bike?
All you really need is an Electric Bike conversion kit, a battery, an old bike and voila, you have gotten yourself an electric bike at a cheaper cost and one modified to suit your needs exactly.

How to convert your bike to an electric bike

  • If you do not already have a bike just go and buy a cheap second one online. If you do you have to make sure it has certain features for optimal results, for example, the mountain bike is the best bike to convert otherwise choose a bike with small wheels.
  • A straight handlebar is suggested because of all the features you can add to it easily and front disc brakes are a bonus because of the stopping power downhill that you get.
  • Now that the bike is selected go and buy a good electric bike kit. Make sure it comes with a battery and if it does not buy a battery from the same manufacturer as the kit. Also, it’s best to make sure the kit comes with the wheels and they are the same size as your bike. This will make the installation easier.
  • Depending on how long you want to travel and fast you want to travel choose your battery wisely. If you want to calmly ride a bike for short trips buy a 36V battery with 10Ah capacity but if you are a thrill-seeker like me get the 46V battery with 20Ah capacity for long and fast excursions.
  • The next step is removing the tires. All you need to do is remove the rim undo any bolts and remove the tire. If the wheels have disc brakes make sure to gently remove the pads and set them aside.
  • Then just take the tire and the inner tubing from the tire you just remove and install it onto the new ones you just bought. Remember to remove the air first though. Next, all you have to do is put the wheel in the electric hub and refit the tire. Make sure to add the disc brakes bake and check if the chain is adjusted properly.
  • The next part is just adding all the other electrical components to your bike. Every electric bike kit comes with its own instructions make sure to read them properly. Essentially all you have to do now is install a speed controller and a throttle. Then connect both them to the battery. Then just mount the battery to the frame of the bike which is how most bike batteries are designed. Lastly, just tie all the wires together and make sure the battery is charged then set off on your new adventures. Best electric bike kits on the market

Best electric bike kits on the market

  1. Pinty Front wheel
    This is one of the easiest kits to install on a bike. This version is specially designed for your front wheel. The kit comes with a 46V 1000W battery pack which supercharges your rusty old bike to go at speeds of 30-40mph. Make sure to add good disc brakes for the stopping power. The kit is not suitable for jumping up and down hills and is advised to only use on roads.
  2. AW Front Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit
    This kit comes 26inch wheels which will be delivered with 1000W power. The bike is again best suited for roads and pavements because it is front-wheel controlled so there is less traction. The kit comes with easy to install brakes but you must buy the battery separately. It can go at top speed of 28mph.
  3. BAFANG BBSO3 MidDrive E-Bike Kit
    This is the best kit available on the market. Unlike the other two mentioned above, this is a mid-drive kit. This offers a 1000W 48V battery that delivers speeds of up to 28mph. The bike is great for mountain biking so definitely tear up those tracks with this kit. The best feature is that the kit comes with an LCD that has a lot of options and displays on it.

Where can I Buy Electric Bike Kits?

Quite simply they are available online nearly everyone but if you wish to go to a shop then any shop that specializes in electric bikes should have a DIY electric bike conversion kit in their shop. Some specialist repair shops will have them too.

How fast can an electric bike kit go?

That is a technical question to answer however Electric Bike kits will go as fast the local speed limit laws which in the UK are 15.5mph. However, depending on you and your battery, you can make a bike go at speeds of 40mph if you wanted too.

Electric Bike Kit Conclusion

Electric bikes are a growing trend and more and more people are getting into the idea of having electrically assisted bikes for easier transportation options. The only problem is that most e-bikes are incredibly expensive. So, if you are someone who wants to exchange their car for a new bike that has electric assist installed within it instead of buying a new high electric bike go for an electric bike conversion kit. These kits are easy to install and come at a fraction of a cost the actual e-bike would.