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Frequently asked Electric Bike questions

An electric bike is like a normal push bike but has a small eletric motor and battery to add power for the cyclist.

The life of a battery on bike ride depends on the eletric bike model and the way in which you use the bike. Most electric bikes have a few different modes ranging from eco to turbo. So you might for example get 20 miles in turbo mode but upto 50 miles on eco mode.

In the UK the speed of an electric bike when the motor is in operation is limited to 25 km/h. But you can go faster than 25 km/h using your legs or freewheeling downhill. There are electric bikes that can go faster than 50 km/h but they are not legal in the UK.

Electric bikes can range from £500 to £5000. It really depends on what type of electric bike you need and the overall bike specification.

It will typically cost you less than 10p to charge your battery for your electric bike.

No not by law, it’s not like a car or motorbike. However, it is advised to get insurance for your bike in case you have an accident or in the unfortunate event of the bike being stolen. At the end of the day an electric bike is an expensive investment.

Under UK law the current power limit is 250 watts.

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