BMC Trailfox AMP SX One 27.5″ 2020 – Electric Mountain Bike


BMC Trailfox AMP SX One 27.5″ 2020 – Electric Mountain Bike

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The BMC Trailfox AMP SX One 27.5″ 2020 – Electric Mountain Bike for only £6349.00 – avalible from Tredz Limited

It’s the first hot day of spring and David slams the shed door shut with a new optimism.“Parenthood mixed with a career left me wanting,” David opens, pedalling in the direction of the woods. “Having to focus on family and work meant I was left with no time to ride. Sure, you can be selfish when you’re young. But when others rely on you, you need to make sacrifices. I figured that the buzz of a rapid descent would just be a souvenir from my youth, shelved until later in life when the kids move out.”But after discovering the Trailfox AMP David could reassess: “You wouldn’t believe how much easier it is to steal back those free hours now. I can condense so much more into 60 minutes that it’s like I’ve been given more time. And the best thing is that I know I’m doing something good for everyone, rather than feeling selfish that I’m focusing on me and letting other priorities slide.” David adds, revealing a familiar glint of excitement that comes from energetically greeting his kids after an hour of fresh loamy turns.E-specific Advanced Pivot SystemAn efficient, plush suspension system with an e-MTB tune that blends your power with that of the bike.Twin Hollow-core TechnologyHides the battery pack in the downtube while supporting a stiff front triangle.E-Specific Geo ConceptAdjusted to the needs of an e-mountainbiker, to provide the full all-mountain experience.Shimano E-8000A powerful drive unit made with mountain biking in mind. The Shimano E-8000 provides strong, yet sensitive engagement while maintaining true mountain bike geometry.Integrated Speed SensorHidden in the rearstay and disc for a clean look and accurate speed measurement.650b+ wheels and tiresThe ultimate wheel and tire combination for all-conditions traction, smooth rolling, and maximum control.


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