BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Sport Two 2020 – Electric Hybrid Bike


BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Sport Two 2020 – Electric Hybrid Bike

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The BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Sport Two 2020 – Electric Hybrid Bike for only £2799.00 – avalible from Tredz Limited

A little assistance to make it possible.We all have dreams of performing, but life often gets in the way. Stefano is no exception. As the owner and director an in-demand design company he does what it takes to get the job done for his clients, knowing that he has to put his name against everything he does.“My career and business have always been my number one focus, and as it grew my freetime became more limited. But I always held onto that dream of climbing a certain mountain pass, the Große Scheidegg.”I went up it on a train as a child, the view has always stuck with me as did the sight of a cyclist sat there exhausted,” Stefano recalls.But constant 70-hour weeks meant no time to train. “To be honest I never thought I would achieve it. I mean, I know you have to be fit and train, but my work just did not permit that,” he trails off. “But that was until I got my Alpenchallenge AMP Sport.” And don’t think that this was cheating. Firmly keeping the bike in eco mode, Stefano crested the summit in the summer with a whoop of exhilaration, seeing himself through the eyes of the child on the train looking back at him.Micro Travel Technology (MTT)BMC’s MTT technology provides 10mm of travel for improved comfort and traction.Integrated Cockpit System (ICS)The aesthetic simplicity and innovative functionality of the Integrated Cockpit is the epitome of Swiss engineering and design. ICS keeps cables and housing in their place: out of sight.Center-mount BatteryOptimizes the center of gravity for a natural-feeling ride.D-Shape seatpostBorrowed from our top-tier race machines, the D-Shape Seatpost provides superb comfort with a svelte look and keeps weight down to a minimum.40c Tire ClearanceAmple tire clearance increases versatility for a variety of road conditions.


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