BMC Alpenchallenge AMP City Two 2020 – Electric Hybrid Bike


BMC Alpenchallenge AMP City Two 2020 – Electric Hybrid Bike

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The BMC Alpenchallenge AMP City Two 2020 – Electric Hybrid Bike for only £2799.00 – avalible from Tredz Limited

Some bikes don’t just match a mood, they fit a lifestyle.“Very true,” laughs Chad. He’s what you might call a high-flyer: a San Francisco lawyer, father of two, an avid cyclist, and a fan of fast cars–all of which leaves him undeniably short of time. When he does get a moment for himself, he picks a bike from his shed depending on his mood. Mountain biking means escape, while selecting his Teammachine signals a hunger to go fast and push hard.But then there’s his daily ride, a bike that has pushed the others a touch further back in the garage.He nods vigorously: “The Alpenchallenge AMP City came along at exactly the right moment when I was despairing about how best to deal with the kids, the commute and general life things. Now I’ve got a mount on the back to transport the kids to nursery, and I still make it into the office on time, thanks to a little assistance on the hills allowing me to carve through the infuriating rush hour traffic.” No sweat, quite literally.Micro Travel TechnologyBMC’s MTT technology provides 10mm of travel for improved comfort and traction.Integrated Cockpit System (ICS)The aesthetic simplicity and innovative functionality of the Integrated Cockpit is the epitome of Swiss engineering and design. ICS keeps cables and housing in their place: out of sight.Center-mount BatteryOptimizes the center of gravity for a natural-feeling ride.D-Shape seatpostBorrowed from our top-tier race machines, the D-Shape Seatpost provides superb comfort with a svelte look, and keeps weight down to a minimum.40c Tire ClearanceAmple tire clearance increases versatility for a variety of road conditions.


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