Bianchi Aria E-Road 2019 – Electric Road Bike


Bianchi Aria E-Road 2019 – Electric Road Bike

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The Bianchi Aria E-Road 2019 – Electric Road Bike for only £4500.00 – avalible from Tredz Limited

Power when you need it / The Ultimate E-Road BikeThe new Aria e-Road aero carbon bike, engineered with Bianchi’s Inner Power Drive system, is the perfect solution to the demands of genuine road riders the world over: to have the look and feel of traditional, pure high-performance, race-bred road riding, with powerful electrical assistance in the background – when you need it.Bianchi engineers integrated the iWOC One flush-fit power and battery level controls unobtrusively into the Aria e-Road’s aero top tube.The X35 V.2 M1 motor is powered by a slim, 40mm wide 250W battery, positioned inside the downtube of the Aria e-Road frame.Nestled between the rear cassette sprockets and the rear disc brake rotor, the motor is virtually hidden.Specifications:Autonomy – 250wh Battery (Up to 1,200 meters of elevation gain.,Charging Time – 3.5/4 Hours Complete,Assistance – Eco (Green) = 30% | Comfort (Orange) = 60% | Power (Red) = 100%.


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